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Good Day to You,  My name is Trudy

Thank you for visiting our Holiday House Sitting and Pet Care Website.
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Do you need a Day Pet Sitter
Do you need a Petsitter?
Do you need a Reptile Sitter?
Do you need a Housesitter?
Are you going away on holiday and need a pet sitter?
Do you need a weekend break?
Going away on a Business Trip?
Do you have an emergency and need someone to look after your pets?
Tropical Fish

Holiday House Sitting, Pet Care and Pet Sitting are a great passion of ours.  It was born out of a need where I also
could not seem to find anyone to look after my own pets at one or another time and I needed  to know that my pets
would be well cared for, and kept as close to their normal routines as possible
Border Collie
Bearded Dragon
Angel Fish

Our Fees for Pet Sitters and Pet Sitting, depends on the type of pet, what type of pet care do you require.
Check out our Price List for details

We have been Pet sitting for many years now and since moving back to Johannesburg, Gauteng, we have been
inundated with calls from friends and family alike to once again look after their beloved pets. 

Our Team of Pet Sitters is qualified in looking after big range of pets.  Exotic Pets,  Exotic Fish Tanks, Dogs,
Cats,  African Grey Parrots, Budgies and finches, geese and ducks, dragons,  reptiles, hamsters, Dugus (goos),
puppies and kittens, Reptiles.

Cats need to be in contact with the sitters as cats are known to walk away if left to long on their own so
it is essential that they have human contact at least once a day.

Pets stress more then what people realize especially if their owners are away for any length of time and this
can make them behave in ways very different to their normal behavior and can become sometimes quite
destructive, it is our aim to ensure they do not become stressed.
Onsite pet sitting for your pets in their own home.

We take bookings on a first come - first cared for basis as we only take on a limited amount of pets.

We spend time with you and your pets on our first visit. we need to know your pets medication requirements,
What are their habits, Do your pets sleep inside or outside, What are your pets fears, What is the general
health of your pets, What Special treats do you give them.  This information is extremely important to keep
your pets as comfortable and unstressed as possible.

TLC Trudy's Little Critters - Inhouse Reptile and Critter Pet Care
Specialist Inhouse Reptile Pet Sitter
View our website - Click Here:
073 661 7610
We care for inhouse Specialist and Exotic Pets. Chinchilla, Sugar gliders, Ferrets, Hedgehogs, degus, Hamsters, Bearded Dragons, Mice, White Rats, Snakes - Corns, Spiders, Guinea pigs, Rabbits, Bunnies, Lizards, Gheccos, Turtles - small tank,
Fish - small tank, Critters - small, All Reptiles.

Hedgehogs -Critters- Reptils

Our Pet sitters do daily checks from "head to tail".  Time to play and interact with your pets.
Walking your dogs is optional service.

It is essential for all to book as early as possible, although we must assure you we can and do assist in an
emergency situation. Onsite pet sitting for your pets in their own home.

We know how frustrating it can be to give your minders specific feeding and care instructions , when and how
how much food, etc. and it doesn’t get done properly.  This is one main reasons, I started my own
Holiday House Sitting Pet Car and Pet Sitting Services.

We will give you the peace of mind that you need, whilst your are away on holiday, break away weekend
or on a business trip to know your beloved pets are going to be taken very well care of, almost as if you
were still there to do it yourself..
Corn Snakes Reptiles
Hedgehogs Reptiles

We love caring for fish tanks – cold, warm water and/or tropical, I have had the pleasure to breed my own Angel fish
with great success.  We also offer additional ongoing added services, so if your pets have special needs, let us know.

One of our services is taking your pets for their annual check-ups and for their inoculations.

We have a Pet Taxi Service should you be unable to drop off or collect your pets from the Doggie Parlor
or the Vet.

We also take your pets to the vet if they are ill. We have many clients who are in a corporate environment
and it’s sometimes almost impossible for them to get away from work and they trust us on to do it on their behalf.

We also offer a Full House Sitting service,  even if there are no pets, giving you have the peace of mind, knowing
that your home will be cared for in your absence. Our housesitters take care of pets and homes.

Additional Services:

Pet Taxi Service, Inhouse Reptile Sitting, Walking your pets, TLC Pet Sitting,
Plants watered inside and outside, Overnight Pet and Home Sitting, Day Pet and
Home Sitting, Take out post, Dirt day - Dustbins out and in again,We do townhouse
Pet and House Sitting, Pick up dog poop, Full House Sitting Services, Tropical Fish,
Reptiles, Birds, Plants, Water Gardens.
African Grey Parrot

Dugus Goos
 We look forward to hearing from you.
Give us a call!
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