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Pet Terms and Conditions  -  Disclosures
Good Day to You,  My name is Trudy

Thank you for visiting our Holiday House Sitting and Pet Care Website.
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Pet Care & House Sitting Services
073 661 7610 -
Disclaimers  Plus  Terms and Conditions

1.    Please book early to avoid disappointment.
2.    Long weekends, school holidays, Christmas and Easter Holidays are classified as peak season. (we run on a all time fee)
3.    House sitting plus Pet Care: Is charged separately and will also be different if a
       care giver or Sitter has to sleep at your home.
4.    50% Deposit:  is required before a definite booking can be confirmed.
5.    The remaining 50% is payable when the keys are collected with the first visit of
       introduction to your pets.
6.    Cancellations:  10 (ten) Working Days’ Notice period in writing of cancellation is
       required and is subject to a 20% Administration Fee of the Total amount that would
       have been due according to the booking.
7.    Postponement: 5 (five) Working Days’ Notice period in writing of postponement is
       required and is subject to a 10% Administration Fee of the Total Amount that would
       have been due according to the booking.
8.    Should you decide to extend your days away then those additional days/ visits must
       be paid for in full and before your keys can be handed back to you.
9.    Please contact us for our pricing structure.
10.   The lists that you will be required to fill out for your pets’ Preferences must be
        filled in, in full.  That will help as a guide as to the amount and times you feed
        and give fresh water to your pets.  We try to keep as close to their normal routine
        as possible to avoid stressing your pets.
11.   Fish:  Please ensure that your tanks have been cleaned a couple of days before you
        go on vacation as often the fish do not adapt well to the new water and complications
        could arise.
12.   Please Place a number of your tanks if you have more than one as it avoids
         confusion for the Care Givers.
13.    We do not except liability for your pets overall health. 
         Please make sure that they have had their normal vaccinations and Rabies injections
         as well as dewormed.
14.    Should your pet becomes ill during your absence, You will be notified and the matter
         taken further on your advice.
15.    We are not liable for costs, if your pet requires medical attention.
         Please make sure you have made arrangements beforehand with your local vet.
16.    The contact name and relevant details for your security company must be completed on
         The first introductory visit and they need to know that you have a care giver that
         will be caring for your pets.
17.    The contact name and relevant details in case of an emergency of friends or relatives
          that are not going away.
18.    Please ensure that there is adequate food for all your pets as we do not buy food if
         you run out.
19.    Should your pet attack one of our care givers, You will be solely liable for the
         medical expenses that could arise out of your pets’ actions.
         This almost never happens but there is always a first time.
         Remember it is traumatic for your pet, when you are not there and therefore a placid
         animal could catch fright and react in a unusual manner.
20.    Please note that our care givers are used to most animals and care deeply for them.
        Every precaution will be take to protect your pets as well as our care givers.
21.   For feeding Fish:   Please note that your “pinch full” is not the same as ours.
         Please set aside a small measuring spoon with markers on so the correct amount of
         food can be giving as you will stipulate on your feeding charts.
22.    The same applies for your other pets.  It makes is easier for the care givers and
          your pet, if they receive the correct amount of food every time.
23.    We for our part go out of our way to make sure that you can go away with a good
         heart knowing your pets will be well cared for.
24.    House Sitting:    As per Agreement on Quotation / Invoice.
25.    We are not liable for any valuables.  Please take them with you or leave them with
         a relative or a friend.
26.    Please make sure that your home and contents insurance, etc. are up to date and in
27.    Every precaution will be taken and we are not liable for any breakages or damages
         of any sort whatsoever that might occur.
28.    Travel is charged per kilometer from base to destination and back per visit.
         Upon signature it is taken that You have read, You understand, as well as agree to,
         the Disclaimers Plus the Terms and Conditions.
29.    Any other special arrangements that might agreed upon between parties.
30.    All Photos and information on this site and on any other of my sites are my personal photos
          and information.  It may not be copied in any way, used online or offline in any way. Legal
          steps can and will be taken against you or your company or both.  All photos and information
          my our own  copyright.
30.    E&EO.

Give us a call,   we love meeting House Owners, Pet Owners and Pets.
Be Kind Yourself and to All Creatures Great and Small.

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